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Is there anything more romantic than red roses?  
Actually we think so.  But we also really adore roses and we do have an exquisite assortment for Valentine’s Day.   Deep ruby reds are the best sellers; hard on their heels are the sweet pinks and creamy whites.

This is the day to splurge on delivery, too.  I’d have something delivered to the school or a friend’s office, and man oh man, it’s always unforgettable.  Best $9 I’ve ever spent.

There are loads of ideas here, for your beloved, your friend, your mom, your child.
Let's begin with the Show Stopper.

Romantic Valentine's Day Package

You can have your rose and your orchids and your chocolates and candlelight too—the epitome of romance all in one package. 

Best of all, we’re delivering it to you, wherever you may be dining on Friday February 14th.  All you have to do is book your reservation and let us know where you’ll be.  Now that’s a ‘Wow’.   ( And yours to take home and enjoy for a couple more weeks.)  $50 includes taxes AND delivery.

P.S.  If you’re planning an intimate dinner at home, just be sure to have this delivered a bit earlier so your table is set and ready.   Layer with some more candles if you like and dim the lights.  Sigh. 


Red Hot Sophistication

Your flower bouquet doesn’t have to be a dozen roses.  Red tropicals are positively seductive.  

Red roses can be intermingled in your bouquet as well.   

Or keep it simple with a trio of well dressed roses in a vase.  Most women I know find a single red rose to be almost more romantic than a whole lot of them.  So add one with an unusual mix and check out that big smile.  


The elegance of orchids cannot be overstated this time of year.  In every class and style, there’s one that’s waiting for your loved one to love.  You can choose a multi-coloured bouquet of orchids for a splash of beauty.  


Go completely out of the ordinary.  Choose bright and delightful.  How long have you been married?  30 years?  Go for 30 blooms, such as this.  Stunning from any angle.

Friends & Family on Valentine's 

Friends and family I always try to remember this time of year, especially if it’s not the very best year for them. 

Need something neutral for that great gal pal, or for a man? 

The anthurium, with its heart shaped leaves and flowers , transcends the spectrum of relationships, plus if you choose a plant  it lives forever.  Great in an office, as is the long lasting orchid bouquet. 

If I want drama, my go to is the Lobster Claw  Heliconia. It’s up there in the pricey range.   If I want pure tropical, I dress up a single bird of paradise with grasses, $20 delivered.

If you have the time, drop off a heartfelt card to be included in the delivery for that personal touch.   If you can, do this days or a week in advance so you’re not waiting in line.  Valentine’s is the busiest day for florists. 

Don't forget the children

I love how the little ones make out cards for everyone in the class.  I dislike the middle years when they have to wait to see if anyone from the school is sending them something.   In that case, I send along a ‘secret admirer’ gift.  Just drop it off or have it delivered to the front desk and ask that it be taken to the class at the same time as the others.   Something small, of course.   When your child comes home, admit immediately that it was you, in case they’re harbouring a crush on someone.  The secret admirer bit was so they wouldn’t be embarrassed by getting something from their parents.  Urgh.   

Chocolate locally crafted. 

Dark chocolate truffles are not only an irresistible indulgence, it’s another one that no one buys for themself.   It’s such a treat.   We carry Esta Chocolate Truffles, Waterloo Chocolatiers featuring individually wrapped truffles.  Let us know if you’d like to add some to your order.  Bags at $3.50 and $5.50, 
or $7.50 for a heart shaped box of heart shaped truffles.

What are we forgetting?  What are your ideas?  

<![CDATA[Add some tropical flowers to Mom's Day!  Sunday May 14th 2017]]>Sun, 14 May 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://dutchmillflowershop.com/blog/add-some-tropical-flowers-to-moms-dayPictureBromelias & King Protea
If you're looking for stand out, 'knock 'em dead' floral arrangements for Mother's Day, wait until you see the smorgasbord of tropical flowers in the Dutch Mill Flower Shop.

To the left are the King Protea and Bromelias in stunning deep yellows and reds.  

The ornamental pineapple (below) literally stops people in their tracks.

Ornamental Pineapple - $10 each
PictureTorch Ginger
What about this beauty?  Have you ever seen such a breathtaking vision of a huge flower, that's ready to come home with you?  

At just $20 a stem, your mother deserves one of these.  Have Janice or Betsy add the appropriate greenery to make a bouquet and you are the star of the day. ($30)

Tropical Bouquets are a winner for Mother's Day

PictureBouquet - Pineapple, King Protea, Anthurium, Ginger, Bromelia. $75
There are always bouquets ready to go, in case you're looking for inspiration but lack the time to wander the shop. 

Not only will your Mom love a bouquet like this, her friends will rave about it. Sometimes I think I buy these tropicals for the gal pals as much as my wonderful Mother-in-law. (And yes, I do splurge on delivery - I love her surprise when they arrive). She always calls and says "Oh I don't deserve it."  Right.

A big plus is that these are all very long lasting tropical flowers. She will be admiring them for up to 3 weeks. 

Bouquet - Ginger, Bird, Bromelia, Anthurium, Orchid & Hypericum Berries. $70
Bouquet - Bromelia, Pincushion, Orchids, Song of India. $50
PictureBromelias in all colours.
There is every colour under the sun here.  Pick her favourite colour and GO.  

Pre-ordering is always wise, as this Saturday will be lined-up-out-the-door busy. Wouldn't it be nice to bypass the line and pick up your specially made order? 
Or delivery saves you a lot of time for $9.  

If there's a funky Mom or Mother-in-law, check out these interesting florals pictured below - called Cobra Lily (don't tell her that, though).  

A Tropical Houseplant also delivers high impact

PictureCobra Lily - individually cut tropical stem
If your Mom isn't into cut flowers, and prefers a live houseplant, you won't believe the new planters that Janice just brought in. 

Anthurium Plants at $20 and up- all colours!

Healing Aloe Plants at $7 and up

Mother-in-law Tongue (honestly, I don't make up these names).

The outstanding planter of this spring, however, is the Anthurium with Orchids.  SIGH.  

Orchid Anthurium Plant $45
Orchid Anthurium Plant $57 WOW

Mother's Day Delivery, Sunday May 14th

There will be one delivery run between 10 am and 2 pm.  

Award winner for Orchids - Dutch Mill Flower Shop

PictureCymbidium Orchids in four colours
There's probably not an orchid variety that isn't waiting here to be discovered by you.  

Come on in and have a look at the delicate and irresistible orchids - in every colour and size you could imagine.  

Most importantly, spend some time with your Mom.  That will mean more than anything to her.  Happy Mother's Day!

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Going with a theme of romantic and elegant, Roxie pulled off her wedding plans in just five months. When she met Danny, her husband, he was visiting from Bolivia and was meant to return. Well. That all changed after they met. They chose a wedding date for when his family could get to Canada, and when Roxie's grandmother could also be here from El Salvador. Besides, she laughs, planning for a whole year to get married would have killed her - she was too impatient to wait that long. 

Getting started, the one thing she knew for sure was that she wanted fresh flowers - exotic and bright. “I wanted orchids from the beginning. There is a love for orchids that runs in my family. I also knew I wanted that bright pop of colour based on the "radiant orchid", which was actually color of the year 2014.”
Roxie’s bouquet has the large and elegant cymbidium orchids along with those bright purple orchids. The bridesmaids also had the purple orchids and freesia. 
"I was introduced to Dutch Mill Flowers by my boss. We use Janice's services so many times to send out exotic bouquets to clients. I didn't think twice and went straight to her shop!

I went in knowing the type of flower I wanted but no idea what style of bouquets, boutonniere or corsages.  I left it all in Janice's hands. She listened to what I described and she built a mini bouquet in front of me. She knew what she was doing and I felt confident that the flower arrangements would be beautiful.

Janice also had the flower arrangement delivered to our ceremony location which took a great pressure off running around. I would definitely recommend Janice to everyone.”

Roxie had corsages made for her mother and mother-in-law, selecting wrist style as she felt they looked more elegant.  The boutonnieres were also orchids, the two colours for her husband Danny and white orchids for the rest, which included father, father-in-law and one for the pastor. 

 “We also had a gorgeous arrangement made for the ceremony with hydrangeas and calla lily. It was beautiful and was taken after to our reception venue and used as the center piece of our head table.‎   It was big and romantic. I gave it to my mother. It made a beautiful gift.

“Our table center pieces were potted orchids. We got a mix of white and purple. One lucky person from the table got to take it home with them afterwards. And I didn't throw my bouquet. I wanted to keep mine so I brought it home with me and set it as my dining table centerpiece and it lasted another two weeks.”
Her divine location for photographs? "We used the historical site of Mackenzie King located on Lancaster and Wellington. It was green, lush and the old English house was the perfect backdrop. I remember going there as a child when the home was a museum. Unfortunately, they closed the museum but the grounds are well kept and for the time being anyone is welcome to take photographs at the site. It's a great private spot that my photographer didn't even know about." 

"We had a small 70 person reception dinner at Golf's Steak House in their Royal Room. I totally recommend their services. The owner is so easy going, the food is amazing. We couldn't have been happier. 

My parents are from El Salvador so I carry the Latin blood in me. I love to dance any chance I get so I danced my feet off on my wedding day.  

My husband Danny and I met through his cousin. Danny is 6'6 in height and I'm 5'3...so we can confirm that opposites do attract!"   

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Can you remember a time your Mom did something just for you?  Sometimes we forget, since as kids we always had our hands out for one thing or another.  Okay, sometimes as grown-ups, too!  

Mothers have to be practical.  How else to get the kids dressed, fed, out the door, throw in some laundry, get to work on time, plan a 30 minute meal before car pool--you know the story.  

Moms don't stop being a mother when their children grow up.   
I recently read a blog about a new young mom who was so worried about everything.  Years passed and the worry never ended, so she finally asked her mom (who was worried about her daughter) when it would end.  The answer is, once you have children, never.  It's the Mother DNA.

The popular Facebook posting is funny.  "Give your Mom a margarita for Mother's Day.  After all, you're the reason she's drinking! "  

Seriously, though.  It's time to pamper that special lady.    

Whatever you do, don't be practical on Mothers' Day.

Don't buy your Mom something she's going to buy for herself. Like a hanging basket.  A pedicure.  A hair cut.  A frozen lasagne.

Or.  A gift certificate--unless it's amazing, such as a weekend in Paris--please don't do it.  

If you're stuck for an idea, just ask her yourself.  

How to create a stand-out gift for her personality. 

Flowers are the number one gift for Mother's Day.  Now you know why!  

Here's how to create a gift she'll always remember.  

First you're going to go shopping for the most excellent vase or creative thoughtful container that you can find.  

For inspiration, google 'vase images'.      

Now.  What's her personality?  Find a vase to match.  

Is she: 

Youthful?  A one-coloured vase brimming with spring flowers and gerbera daisies.

Quirky?   A funky vase with one single fabulously unusual flower dressed with greens.   Have you seen those vases that hang on the wall, or suction onto a window or mirror?  

Elegant?  Find a gorgeous cut crystal vase that she'll cherish and reuse.  Fill with an exotic assortment of all white flowers, or, a mixed white and green arrangement.

Artsy?  Sky's the limit.  Go with the most interesting exotic flower you see in the shop, and ask how it will look dressed up.

Warm and Welcoming (like warm apple pie)?   Old fashioned hydrangeas, peonies and freesia.

Holistic?  She will appreciate an aloe potted in an earth friendly container.  

Hostess with the most-est?   A table centrepiece. Or a gorgeous bowl that's filled with stems entwined, or, water and blooms, for example, that she can reuse as a serving dish.  Talk to us!  We'll help you with ideas.

Is she Earthy?  Clay vase with a potted plant.

DIY-er?  Crafty?  She'd love a container that you've re-purposed into a vase for her.

Memory & Keepsake Collector?  Create your own vase.  Paint it.  Glue it.  Use your imagination.  

Well, you get the idea, yes?  

Next step: bring your vase to us.  We'll fill it with the appropriate theme flowers and/or greenery.  We'll even deliver if for you on Mothers' Day, too!  We have a great selection of Mother's Day cards in the shop.  If you're opting for delivery, do NOT forget to bring us a card with the vase, or get one here.  Mothers love cards.  I repeat.  Mothers love cards.

Pampering ideas for all ages.

Chocolate locally crafted.

Dark chocolate truffles are not only an irresistible indulgence, it's another one that no one buys for them self.
It's such a treat, she'll take time to savour each one.  

We carry Esta Chocolate Truffles, Waterloo chocolatiers featuring individually wrapped Truffles. 

Let us know if you like to add some to your order.  


Sunday May 10th Deliveries

Fancy brunch or dinner out.

If it's possible to plan a time for just the two of you, that is a wow like you can't imagine.  Really, it is.  Giving your mom your undivided attention is a real gift that she won't soon forget.  

Of course a gathering of the entire brood, with all generations is also wonderful.  

Let us know if we can deliver your flowers to the restaurant to kick the wow factor even higher!
We will be doing one delivery run between 10am and 2 pm.
<![CDATA[Administrative Professional's Week-Unique gift ideas]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2015 14:49:50 GMThttp://dutchmillflowershop.com/blog/administrative-professionals-week-unique-gift-ideasPictureDesktop Orchid Arrangement
The calls are flooding in with orders for bouquets.  Flowers remain the number one gift idea.  Go with tropicals and it's unforgettable!

If you're ordering a bouquet, be sure to include a vase. This way the gift can remain at the office if so desired, or be taken home to be enjoyed immediately. Without a vase, it has to go home.  

Flowers need not be a bouquet.  As this is a more modern celebration of the important work by women and men, consider an elegant desk top arrangement.  It's long lasting and easily refreshed, plus the vases are really gorgeous and will be reused at home.  

Desktop Arrangements are elegant and easy to care for.

Custom Baskets for foodies are always appreciated.

PicturePrivate Label
Those with a sweet tooth, may prefer a basket of sweets, instead of flowers.  I carry the delicious hand crafted milk or dark truffles from Esta Chocolates in Waterloo.  

We can create you a custom basket for the foodies in your world.  

The discerning palate may want fine cheeses and crackers, the healthy one a lovely fruit basket.  Sweet and salty.  Fruits and Nuts.  Candy Extravaganza.  Gourmet Popcorn.  Gourmet Coffee.  

Call us with your suggestion and we'll create it!

Make your gift personal and it will be remembered.

Be creative.  What have you received in the past that really stood out in your mind?   What do you know about your administrative assistant?  

What hobbies do they enjoy?  Gardening?  How about a galvanized bucket full of goodies?  

Golfing?  Cars?  Biking?  Running?  Yoga?  What would be a gesture that would really stand out?  

Give us a few days lead time with your ideas, and we'll create a custom package.   

Living greenery

House plants are always a perfect gift idea. 

They brighten up any office and increase air quality. 

We do have mixed plant baskets for delivery, or single plants. 

Bamboo is always a favourite, as is the lovely healing aloe plant.

Don't forget a card.  

Take a few moments to think about how you'd like to acknowledge the efforts of the past year.  

Most people keep their cards to re-read and enjoy.  Of course, we can write a card for you.  Or you can write it yourself, drop it by, and we'll include it with the delivery.  
<![CDATA[2014 Hopespring Holiday Tour of Homes, Waterloo Region]]>Thu, 13 Nov 2014 16:19:04 GMThttp://dutchmillflowershop.com/blog/2014-hopespring-holiday-tour-of-homes-waterloo-region
Homeowner Carolyn Cormier, Co Chair of Tour Marnie Magna, Janice Jamieson Dutch Mill Flower Shop
The 2014 Hopespring Holiday Tour of Homes was another delightful discovery of people who care so much about the cause.  Settle in and meet the homeowners and the three designers who transformed the home on Hillside Street in Waterloo, for this 13th Annual Christmas Celebration.  

Carolyn & Dwayne Cormier opened their doors a bit early this year, so we could show some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for this article.  They thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and say that apart from giving back most of the beautiful decorations (they purchased a few favourites), the only hard part about being on the tour was keeping the house in order with two teenage boys and a big dog!  

Carolyn Cormier says The Frugal Decorator suggested they get involved this year.  “It was timely as Dwayne had just lost his father to cancer this past spring.  Dwayne’s dad lived in a small town in New Brunswick where there were very few support services for those dealing with cancer.  Although his journey was relatively short, services such as those offered by Hope Spring might have helped ease the burdens and fears of coping with a terminal illness.  Like many others, several of our family and friends have been touched by cancer.  It’s a scary experience and we’re really fortunate in our community to have Hope Spring to support those impacted.”   


The Cormier’s two story home is classic, exuding a very welcoming appeal with its large central foyer opening up to reveal a curved stairwell. Grand but understated, the house is a great space for gatherings and family events; photos on the walls showcase their love of family and travel. 

The Frugal Decorator, Carolann Mackie

If you haven’t met The Frugal Decorator yet, Carolann Mackie’s personal love of art is what she tries to infuse into all of her work.  Carolann prefers to be recognized as an Interior Artist, creating beautiful but liveable spaces, and her team designs reflect the Cormier’s love of family. The team includes Bailey Bowa, Kaleigh Forbes, Jamie Sullivan and Deb Weavers.

Carolann says the cause is close to her heart.  “The love of my life was diagnosed just over three years ago and thankfully he is doing very well.  So many people are affected by cancer; I don't know anyone who hasn't been. This event delivers a joyful spirit and a positive approach to help combat the effects of a horrible disease.”

Janice Jamieson, Dutch Mill Flowers

Janice Jamieson of Dutch Mill Flower Shop was the Interior Florist. She created the elegant white and green floral pieces for the interior, working with the theme of Winter & Ice with an earthy feel and silver accents.  

Janice collaborated with The Frugal Decorator by phone and it all simply works so well together. 

“When Cancer touches those close to home, it’s only natural to want to give back to others who are struggling with the disease." 

Dutch Mill Flower Shop has been with the tour since its inception.

Inside the Home

First on the agenda was the front hall table.  The Cormier’s already knew they wanted to move their existing hall table to the upstairs laundry room to second as a folding area.  The new chest of drawers offers myriad storage opportunities. Here are the before and after photos.  
Next up:  The ‘wow’ factor when you come in the front door – a living Christmas Tree. Here are the before and after photos. 
Immediately to the left of the foyer, you enter the formal living room, a somewhat small yet elegant space, centred by the fireplace. Here's the mantel before.

The transformation below is perfect Christmas with natural elements, textures, and layers that are divine.

You know how you go on these tours and there’s almost too much to see? I almost overlooked these sweet whimsical newspaper creations in the corner of the living room. Can you see Saint Nick?

“We are The FRUGAL Decorator, after all. 

We wanted to show participants how they could "create" festive decor from cost effective materials.”  Carolann.  

From the living area, you then enter the dining room. So lovely, isn’t it, transformed into a Christmas landscape.

The under glass vignette on the buffet table was so darling.  And sparkling with wee little lights.

“This is where our creativity can flourish. Fundraisers like these allow for our artistic minds to go a little over the top.  But we still like to keep our creations tasteful. Lighting plays a huge role in making displays come alive and those little vignettes are so delightful to the eye.” Carolann

Dining room buffet vignette
The dining rooms leads directly into the oh so functional kitchen with its large centre island, the gathering place for the family. 
“We knew that we had achieved the effect that we were hoping for when tour participants asked if they could ‘hang out with a cup of tea or a glass of wine on the sectional in the family room. We thought adding a candy station on the kitchen island would be fun and whimsical. The jujubes were a hit!”  Carolann.

The kitchen island standout had to be the tall floral centrepiece from Dutch Mill.  Its natural textures dressed with tropicals married up perfectly, as th
e kitchen overlooks the welcoming family room space. 

“We wanted the tour guests to feel like they belonged there just as we wanted the family we designed it for to also feel. It was important for there to be no pretension. 
This open concept addition was intended to be family friendly. The play on texture and pattern allowed for a layered look in a neutral environment, therefore keeping it interesting.”  Carolann.  

Family Room Mantel 'before'
The same layered look worked like a charm with the florals on the family room coffee table.  Dutch Mill Flower Shop is known for their tropical arrangements.  

Janice:  "I added in the touch of tropicals throughout the house ---brunia leucedendron, galpini leucedendron as well as the wonderful tropical greens we use here as in Monstera leaves, Sago palm as well as aspidistra leaves."

And now, look at this gorgeous champagne vignette, with tea lights in the champagne glasses that The Frugal Decorator couldn't resist creating.

Let’s head upstairs.  I so wish I had a ‘before’ photo of the laundry room.  It had been an unused and almost empty space that the Cormier’s wanted to second as a guest room.  They contracted The Frugal Decorator to design the space for them.  The laundry area is hidden in a large enclosed closet to the left of the window, which you can’t see in the photo.  This room is home to the previous front hall table that now doubles as a folding station.  The generously sized day bed transforms the room from laundry to a comfortable guest room. 
“It is important to us to create a multifunctional space. Our design team took cues from the other rooms that we designed in the home to establish a feel that mirrored the slightly French inspired theme throughout the rest of the residence."  Carolyn Cormier loved the resulting outcome.    

Onwards to the master bathroom.  A newly placed white shelf perfectly suits needs and design.

The master tub lent itself to a bit of romance, even with the television.  (Carolyn admits there are nine televisions in the house; this is a seriously sports obsessed family.)

The real showstopper in the bathroom has to be the large glass vase filled with submerged tropicals, placed between the two sinks.  

I would be remiss not to share this gorgeous twinkling dresser top in the master bedroom.  

The square textured glass candle holders are from Kara's Stained Glass. 

It's time to head outside.  

Meadow Acres, Exterior Florist

Lisa Elg is a Landscape Designer for Meadow Acres, and she designed two completely different looks for the front and the back of the house. 

When I first pulled up to the house a week earlier, the front Japanese maple blazed in full and glorious deep red leaf.  When I returned a week later, the leaves had dropped to the ground and the result was magical....almost as though it had been planned that way.   

Fallen Japanese maple leaves intermingle with Japanese Spurge and Ivy. Glorious.
The front decorations are a celebration of living green layers with silver accents.  The real charmer had to be the lanterns hanging in the tree
The backyard combined more playful decorations on the gazebo, to elegant comfort for the living and dining spaces.
Carolyn Cormier's enthusiasm as a homeowner on the tour shines. "The best part of the tour was meeting some of the wonderful people connected to the event.  Dwayne and I weren’t sure what to expect, but we were having so much fun with the volunteers and decorators who were stationed at our house for the evening, as well as chatting with the many people who visited our home that we felt like we’d be missing the party if we went out, so we stayed and had a blast throughout the evening! One of the volunteers we met is a young mom who has used Hope Spring’s services and is now doing incredibly well.  Her story is inspiring.  As we chatted we learned that her family has a cottage on the same lake as us and we’ve already made plans for a fireworks show on the May long weekend next year.”
Carolann Mackie The Frugal Decorator
"It is a big job that we are thankful to be part of. It's worth every minute and investment of our energy. It's a great idea that benefits our community. It is important to know that there is so much done behind the scenes that most are not aware of. The crew of volunteers that gather and work all year (starting a week after the tour ends) to make this happen are living angels. We are delighted to be asked to participate."

Marnie Magna, of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, is the Co-Chair of the Hopespring Holiday Tour of Homes.  She was also the 2014 Diamond Sponsor of this home.  

The photography for this article is by Denise Wamsley of wildhair.ca.  Denise Wamsley, Content Developer, is the writer.  

The Hopespring Holiday Tour of Homes is the second weekend in November.  To find out more about the programs at Hopespring click here.
<![CDATA[Classy & Romantic Wedding Theme]]>Sat, 01 Nov 2014 14:17:35 GMThttp://dutchmillflowershop.com/blog/classy-romantic-wedding-themePicture
We brides spend months - even years - planning our big day.  THE dress.  THE shoes. THE venue.  And more times than not, our plans include a THEME—hasn‘t yours?   Often times, that’s the biggest part of what we want our special day to ascribe to, and all else flows from our theme. 

Today’s bride, Stephanie, was no different; her theme was Classy and Romantic.  

Classy and Romantic conjures up many visions for all of us, doesn’t it?  

However, like so many brides, Stephanie had no idea of what she wanted in regards to flowers.  So she started searching online, which is so easy now, isn’t it, with the internet and Pinterest to get ideas?

Stephanie already knew her Classy and Romantic colour scheme was light purple, grey, and white.  But she knew absolutely nothing about flowers.  Undaunted, she kept saving photos until she found her favourite bouquet, which she really hoped could be recreated by a florist.  However and again, which florist? was the question.

Stephanie found Dutch Mill Flower Shop because her family, as well as her Mom’s employer, had purchased flowers from Janice in the past.  She made an appointment at the shop and that’s how she met Janice, whom Stephanie highly recommends because Janice was so helpful and patient.

 “ I really had no idea what type of flowers I wanted, nor did I even have knowledge on all the different flower types, so going into this aspect of the event I had no idea what to expect. 

I brought my online photos to Janice.  She identified each and every flower that was in my pictures, and then helped me choose the types that would fit best together.  Janice chose the flowers that would work both seasonally and geographically.   I am a perfectionist and wanted to ensure that my flowers looked perfect.  Janice was very helpful and I couldn't have done it without her!                    I absolutely loved my bouquets.”

Clearly, Stephanie’s wedding photos display her delightful sense of what her flowers meant to her on her wedding day.  

In conversations with Janice regarding the centrepieces at the venue, Stephanie did have her own ideas. 

 “I had two different heights of martini glass vases.  For the 
six taller vases (which were 30 inches) I wanted big flower arrangements (for that wow factor); 

the 14 shorter vases (which were 20 inches) had an LED light, purple water beads, and white flowers floating in the top.” 

 It was magical.  

In addition to the centrepieces, Stephanie wanted her ceremony arrangements to reflect her romantic theme.  Classic and stunning hydrangeas and orchids dressed with elegant greenery, are the height of romance, placed on pedestals at the front.

Simplicity defines classic. 

Stephanie requested simple white corsages for mothers and grandmothers, as well as simple white or light purple bouts for fathers, grandfathers and groomsmen.  

Stephanie planned her wedding for one year.  It took place at Victoria Park Pavilion, Friday May 9th, 2014 in downtown Kitchener.  Her photographer was Toogood Studios.  She threw a 'toss' bouquet as hers was too beautiful to throw  It's currently dried and at her parent's house.

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If I know anything about flowers, I am learning that I want more and more of them closer to the action.  And that means they have to be low on the table.  Not in our way of conversation or sight lines.  But right there as the centrepieces they’re meant to be.  And they don't have to be huge, either. 

This is not to say I’m not still a glamour girl, what with the high style arrangements that knock your socks off.  I still want and will have those.  But no one seems to linger over those high styling beauties.  They are too busy being drawn into the dinner party.  And that is where my table shines.  

I want it droopy.  I want it romantic.  I want it funky. I want there to be a colour pop.  I also want it to be unique.  Tall (or would that be short) order?  Perhaps, yet I’ve never seen a table centrepiece from Janice that didn’t answer all these requirements. 

I am so in tune with table centrepieces that it’s my go to order for anything from a birthday to a thank you.  Why?  Simply because it can be put anywhere you want to have it. 
  They are also long lasting (as long as you remember to water it and mist it).
 I also am leaning more and more toward small arrangements in those lovely short rectangular or square vases, or even the open top ovals.

When I wanted a table centre for a man and had no idea what to do, Janice created a mid height square vase lined with stones, accompanied by manly flowers and foliage and water.  What a reception that got, all around.  Simplicity at its best. 

CT Yellow Orchid Vase
I have a long standing agreement in my kitchen that there are always flowers immediately to the right of the kitchen sink.  Not huge.  That wouldn’t work.  But there, where I will see them all the time, since isn’t that where we always are?  In the kitchen?  Our guests, as well?

Without guests, there I am, at the sink at the kitchen window, enjoying my floral splendour, a small treat.

Placement is everything.  I have found that moving my arrangements outside (spring, summer and fall) for dinner occasions adds to the overall ambiance.  Depending on the season, I will add arrangements outside that can be seen from inside, beckoning one outdoors.
It’s also really great to break with seasonal tradition. In the fall, it’s all orange, burgundy, rust, and such like.  I was gobsmacked to see fall arrangements in purple and yellow, which had fall elements but with eye popping and oh so cheerful colours. 
With Christmas fast approaching, Christmas evergreens are making their welcome and fragrant comeback. 
I generally don’t give Christmas table centres any sooner than mid December, as I want them to last right through to Christmas Dinner and New Year’s.   Dutch Mill Flower Shop has a reputation for creating unique displays that your people will want to show off as long as possible, and of course, when most people will be visiting.  
At this time of year, it’s helpful if you know the places your people like to show their arrangements.  For instance, one client has a gorgeous hutch in their front hall which is perfect for displaying a high style arrangement that arriving guests ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over. Another may have a fireplace mantel begging for an arrangement.  If you don’t know the layout, play it safe and go with a low and lovely table centre.  It is more likely to find its way to where the people gather, and not left alone in the front hall.  P.S. The above mentioned clients, the front hall people, received a high style AND a table centre.  

However, never forget that small and elegant can always win the day.
Get to know your florist and she/he will get to know you; what you love and what you want, so you will be immensely pleased when an arrangement is delivered especially made for you.  And for any kind of giving, your florist will get it right and there’s nothing quite like it, especially when the giver is you.
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Jocelyn’s wedding colours were cool neutrals, champagne and black.  She was thinking about white or neutral colours for her bridemaid’s bouquets as well, until her Mom found Dutch Mill Flower Shop.  “Mom stumbled across her website and since she and my Oma are Dutch, it was only natural that she set up a meeting with Janice for her ideas.  Janice was great.  The bridesmaids’ dresses were champagne with a black lace overlay; based on that Janice suggested and solidified the idea of a colour pop.  The deep red roses are classic – they were really sharp and really popped.  And so simple, six roses per bouquet.”
The classic red roses were echoed with the boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.

A Broach Bouquet

Jocelyn’s stunning bridal bouquet flowed from her love of all things vintage. “ A friend in Waterloo coordinated and had everyone we knew collecting broaches within their families.  My Maid of Honour’s Mom is very crafty and she gave me a chance to design it to see if I would like it.  A month later I saw the photos and was blown away at how perfect it was.  It’s a forever keepsake for me now.”

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Jocelyn’s Dad is Jamaican, so tropical flowers were on his want list.  It was agreed that these were to be stand out pieces. Jocelyn didn’t even see the arrangements until she got to the church and was getting married.    
“We used two huge tropical displays at the front of the church—Janice pulled them all together in the red and burgundy flowers.  I told Janice that I trusted her and gave her free reign and it paid off.  After the service we brought the tropical arrangements to the reception venue and placed one at the entryway with the guest book and the other inside by the head table and podium, repurposed.  We’re Dutch, so I appreciate things like that!”

Vintage Rustic Theme

“My theme was Vintage Rustic so we included old windows, three old ladders, mason jar candles, old black and white photos of our family’s weddings for a classic old vintage feel.  We did a lot of the decor ourselves. The overall feeling was warm and inviting.  There were interesting elements for the guests to connect with.  There was a lot of thought put into it also by my parents and my husband’s parents. The finishing touches were long stem red roses throughout.”  
“It was the best day ever; we woke up and it was the perfect fall day.  We got engaged in November and were married in October, so the planning was just under a year.” The reception was at St. George’s Hall in Waterloo.  The photographer was Megan Kreller.  

<![CDATA[Cool classic wedding with extraordinary elements]]>Fri, 14 Mar 2014 19:36:31 GMThttp://dutchmillflowershop.com/blog/cool-classic-wedding-with-extraordinary-elements
Some brides know exactly what they want for their wedding day and Melanie is one such bride. And everything she wanted is what she got -- and she couldn’t be more pleased, especially with how much she enjoyed the entire journey.   “I feel like I started planning the wedding when I met my husband. Don’t tell him that! But the official planning process lasted 14 months. I felt like I could have planned it in only a few months because it was so much fun to pick out everything that I loved.”
Melanie has a very distinct style- clean and crisp.  She’s drawn to neutral colours, loving classic and traditional looks.  She knew from the start that her wedding would be a total black and white theme, which allows for the details to really stand out.  She was oh so right.  Indeed, her bridesmaids’ bouquets matched her own, an unusual decision.

“Because I like things to be very symmetrical and neutral I thought it would look really great to have all of the same flowers for all of the girls. I didn’t think that the flowers needed to be different from each other to stand out.  I love how it looks in the photos to have everyone’s flowers the same, as they really stood out in front of black dresses. “

What are the odds that your mother is allergic to one of your favourite flowers?  In this case, the peony, that full, luscious beauty. “My flowers are peonies and hydrangeas, and we had to come up with another option for the peonies. Janice was the one to suggest roses to go with the hydrangeas which really gave them some depth. They look so healthy and lush.”

It’s interesting that while the flowers were front and centre of this wedding ceremony, Melanie herself never actually met her florist, Janice.  “My work hours are pretty unpredictable and I work in Toronto so my Mom went to see Janice a few times to talk about the look of the flowers and then she sent me pictures. My Mom was in the same Chamber of Commerce group with Janice a few years ago in Kitchener, so it was my Mom’s idea to contact Janice as our florist.  I’m so glad she did!” 
“I would recommend Janice in a second! I was so blown away by the size of the bouquets, the centerpieces, and the details and care she put into every arrangement. She was really easy to work with and I wish I had an event to plan with her again.”

Speaking of centrepieces—in a word, they were outstanding.  Melanie wanted the flowers to be the absolute focus and they were.  She found the extraordinarily tall glass vases at a wholesaler.  Then she left the rest up to Janice.  “I absolutely loved how they turned out. The flower arrangements were HUGE. I was so blown away when I walked into the room and saw everything put together. There were 12 centerpieces in total, which is a lot of flowers, and they suited the venue perfectly.”

“I think that planning a wedding takes a lot of trust in the vendors that are brought on board to help out. To me it is the most important day and you want it to go perfectly yet you are working with people you haven’t even met. I was so happy to have worked with Dutch Mill Flowers.”   

Janice met the challenge of the venue without even seeing it in advance.  Plus, Janice not only oversees every flower detail, she personally delivers and sets up everything day of, so nothing is left to chance.  

Wedding planning always includes the stress of finding just the right location, and Melanie had quite the search ahead of her.  “I found the venue hunt to be the most difficult part. We went from Niagara on the Lake to Toronto, to Vaughan and pretty much all over the GTA looking for the right space.

There are a lot of venues to look at but nothing modern and clean and with a parking lot for guests. In Toronto there is a lack of parking at all venues. I really wanted something neutral (of course) and this was just the place. When I went to visit The Doctor’s House I fell in love instantly. A small church on the property set in a beautiful garden, a reception room on the same property with hardwood floors, white walls and a wall of doors that opened to our own private space. Since we got married in June it was really great to be able to spend time outdoors and indoors with all of our guests. I also wanted to find a venue that made food in house.”

Melanie and her husband forwent the traditional bouquet toss and garter belt toss at their event.  “We really liked the flow of the evening -- as dinner finished it went right into dancing and never stopped. I don’t think guests miss the bouquet toss when you have an open bar!”

Since all of Melanie’s floral budget went into the bouquets and centrepieces, rather than a duplicate bouquet or corsages, there were a lot of blooms to make people happy after the ceremony and dinner.  “The morning after the wedding a few family members took some of the flowers and we filled two vans with the rest. We brought the flowers to an old age home in hopes that they would enjoy the flowers after us. If I wasn’t leaving for my honeymoon the next day I would have wanted to fill my house with all the beautiful flowers.” 

"I will always remember the beautiful flowers Janice made for us."

Gorgeous wedding photography by Bryan Capporicci who says  "I believe that photography is about people, relationships, and the moments that they share together."